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„Hans in Luck“, the well - known tale by the Brothers Grimm is about Hans, a young apprentice, who at the end of his 7 year long training receives a lump of gold for his labour. On his way home he swaps the gold for goods of ever inferior value until there is nothing left. If one turns away from the obvious moral affirmations of the tale, it describes the hermetic class system of its time.

The tale is a child of its place and time and therefore a showpiece of the western European canon.

We want to expand the original narrative by adding multiple storylines and thus providing it with more diversity.

The tale is transformed into an interactive storytelling game, which allows its players to make up their own protagonists of different age, socioeconomic background and gender. These protagonists have the opportunity to leave Hans` path and pursuit their own ideas of luck.

Thus, the Hans of the present becomes a transdisciplinary object of analysis. It makes available a multitude of possibilities that a certain person from their specific point of view might never have taken into consideration, although they would be available to him/her/*. After all, sharing Know - how is the best way to use one`s own priviliges for the merit of all.


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